I'm Nicole, a

Designer & Illustrator

From Manchester,Uk

Hello, welcome to my online portfolio. where I plan to share my most recent sketches and illustrations to share you all of you.

My style that I have developed is based on children's illustrations, I love to use bright colours in my work to highlight the contrast between colours and textures. During my time at university, I tried many techniques and styles. I studied a lot to find the right style that best suits me as an artist as I continue to grow and learn by experience.

Post-GraduateIllustrator achieving a 2:1 Degree.

Graduating from Lancashire University in 2015 I would say was one of my biggest achievements so far, when I started university, I would say I was quite lost in my style of work. I still had not found my "niche" and was just producing work I was just unhappy with.

In my second year I started to work more digitally and started to take photoshop and illustrator computer lessons which sparked a light, and something just clicked. I loved working digital as I could get my work so much cleaner and bright to stand out and make that impact, I had been wanting slowly I started to find my style and with new the digital elements I had learned and continued with I started to produce work I was proud off showing.


Blackpool And Flyde University - 2012/2015

 BA in Creative Illustration 2:1

Wigan And Leigh College - 2010/2012

  National Diploma in Level 3, DDM

St. Mary's Catholic High School - 2005/2010

   (9) GCSEs including Math's and English 



Skills that I have learned.

Adobe Photoshop

Novice Level- I have experience in photoshop and can edit photos at a beginner standard, I do most of my sketch and initial designs in photoshop.

Adobe Illustrator
Advance Level - .I work in Illustrator a lot as I prefer to work in vector rather than pixels as it allows a lot more flexibility and I find it a lot cleaner with my line work.
Afinity Designer

Advance Level - Again I like working in this program as it allows me to switch from vectors to pixels or either combined them, I also use the program to add textures and patterns to my work with the customisable brushes available.

Adobe Fresco

Advance Level - This program allows me to produce work on the iPad more confidently, I like again how you can work in pixels or vector and is a great app to have if you need to work away from the computer, but it can do the same as the rest as the programs I normally use.

Microsoft Office

Advance Level - I have experience in all the Microsoft programs such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel


Get in touchwith me

I enjoy creating unique looks within my designs to make them more appealing to the younger audience. If you want to get in touch with me about any of my work.

I’m open to any communication! Feel free to contact me in any convenient way.